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Hundreds of people gather in a vigil to honour and remember Tina Fontaine and Faron Hall; both are first nations who were recently found deceased. Tina Fontaine was found in a bag in the river, murdered.

Media reports have come in saying that those marching have filled Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

We need to combat racism and prevent further violence and death to first nations people, but especially women. Canadians should not forget about this.

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Jan Claudius De Cock

Statue of a Black Child

Flanders (c. 1704)

Stone Carving, 94.7 cm.

[Statue. Full-length, standing figure of a black youth wearing a crown in the form of a castle; a string of beads, feathers, and a medallion around his neck; a drapery around his loins and back; and leather sandals. His right foot rests on the back of a turtle. This may be an allegory of the continent of Africa.]

The Image of the Black in Western Art Research Project and Photo Archive, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research, Harvard University. see also: Blakely, Allison. Blacks in the Dutch World: The Evolution of Racial Imagery in a Modern Society. Indiana University Press. pp. 129–130

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CultureSOUL: African Americans in Space 

Some of the black pioneers who were the first to enter space.

  1. Guion Bluford - 1st AA in space in 1983
  2. Ronald McNair - 2nd AA in space & killed in ‘86 Challenger mission
  3. Mae Jemison - 1st AA woman in space in 1992
  4. Bernard A. Harris Jr. - 1st AA man to walk in space in 1995

A complete list of black astronauts here.

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